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TITLE: Wrong is Wrong!
TEXT: Col. 3:23-25
PROPOSITION: Wrong is always wrong.
KEY WORD: Examples


1. God has instructed us in what is right and wrong.

2. When God says something is wrong - it is always wrong.


1. One does not get caught.

A. Numbers 32:23.

B. Cheat on taxes, school test, speed limit, etc.

2. It is legal.

A. Rom. 13:1-7

B. Gambling, alcohol, divorce.

3. Someone else causes you to do it.

A. Play the "Blame Game."

B. We are still responsibile for our actions.

4. It is for a "good cause."

A. A chance (raffle) is still gambling.

B. A dance as a fund raiser is still a dance.

5. It is difficult to make right.

A. Some things are hard to give up.

B. We need to encourage, comfort, support them.

C. but encourage them to quit because it is wrong.

6. Someone else has done something as bad or worse.

A. "Everyone is doing it."

B. "It was not near as bad as what John did."

7. It is someone prominent who does it.

A. Elder, preacher, president, senator.

B. Show respect for the "office" and concern the individual.

8. It doesn't bother you.

A. Walk through patio door. Did not see it. Still harmful.

B. "I wouldn't do it. If he wants to it is OK with me."

9. It appears to be expedient.

A. Caiaphas let Jesus be crucified. (John 11:49-50)

B. Lie to make a big sale.

10. You do not admit it.

A. Mal. 3:7-8 "When have we done this?"

B. Deny it - but it is still wrong.

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