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TITLE:  User Friendly Church
TEXT:  1 Peter 3:8-11
PROPOSITION:  This church must learn to be “user friendly.”
KEY WORD:  Methods



  1. Last word in verse 8 = friendly of mind, kind, courteous
  2. This is what we need to be – toward all who enter this building
  3. User Friendly = computer term – means easy to operate, understand, and use
  4. Is this church “user friendly”?
    1. If I were to ask adults in a Bible class – most – YES
    2. What if we ask the visitors? – Not the best

We are trying

  1. Visitor parking spaces – (members should not use these)
  2. Visitor’s table – Bulletin, Gospel Minutes, work sheets, etc.
  3. People in the foyer – before and after services
  4. Ask them to fill out cards – send a letter to all who turn in a card
  5. Many do make some effort to greet visitors and welcome them


We don’t know each other

  1. Too big a hurry to get away – beat the Baptists to the restaurant
  2. Too many exits – don’t cross paths with many others
  3. We are growing – new families, new children
  4. We have some regular visitors – not officially placed membership YET


We don’t know how – We don’t know what to say

  1. Begin with the obvious – “I don’t believe I know you.”
  2. Use friendly language, tone, gestures, smile – take time for them
  3. Ask generic questions:
    1. Are you from this area?
    2. What brings you to the wonderful city of Athens?
  4. Respond from the “free information” given
  5. Turn the spotlight on THEM – not us

Some things hinder us

  1. Fear – Embarrassed that we don’t know them, remember their name

  2. Failed fellowship – We don’t know each other

  3. Focused on self – my needs are more important than anything else

    1. AMEN – out the door
    2. I am in a hurry

  4. Fall short of personal responsibility – Not job of preacher and elders

  5. False dignity – aloofness, self-righteous, they are not my type (dirty, long hair)

  6. Forget how it feels – Think about places you have visited – how treated, good / bad; friendly / not friendly; what you liked / did not like


  1. Let’s make sure this church is “user friendly"

  2. Let’s make sure our heart (mind) is friendly.

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