Bible is a Covenant

TITLE:  What is Covenant?
TEXT:  Hebrews 10:14-18
PROPOSITION:  We must understand covenant to comprehend our relationship with God.
KEY WORD:  Definitions


  1. We have not spent enough time in study on the terms – covenant, testament, agreement, promise.
  2. These terms are vital to understanding our relationship with God.
  3. Today begins a short series on Covenant. (6 – 8 sermons; not all in a row)

 What is a covenant?

  1. We often just say – agreement, contract
  2. Bible terms – Testament, Will, Covenant = similar but not identical
  3. Testament and Will = desires, instructions – to be enforced after death
  4. Covenant = an agreement to be in force as long as you live




  1. Africa, Asia, Europe, Americas
  2. American Indians, China, Russia, Alaska
  3. Strongest in the Middle East – Jewish and Islamic areas


  1. Today – promises are lightly kept
  2. Our word must be our bond – Mean what you say, and keep it.
  3. A covenant is not until I change my mind – like many marriages, contracts
  4. Covenant was LIFE LONG –
    1. Until I die
    2. Until you kill me for violation


  1. There must be a “meeting of the minds”
  2. Understand the terms – agree to these terms
  3. Public acknowledgment of the terms (wedding ceremony)


  1. The Hebrew word means “to cut covenant by shedding blood”
  2. The Greek word means “to cut covenant by shedding blood”
  3. If there is no bloodshed – there is no covenant.


  1. The Bible is the story of Covenants
  2. Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Jesus
  3. Bible in 2 parts – Old Covenant (Testament); New Covenant (Testament)
  4. Matthew 26:28 – This is my blood of the New Covenant

Bible is a Covenant