Bible is a Covenant

TITLE:  Types of Covenants
TEXT:  Ezekiel 17:12-16
PROPOSITION:  Most covenants are one-sided impositions.
KEY WORD:  Types


  1. We think in terms of a mutual contract – I will do A, you will do B.
  2. Both parties are happy – both receive something of value.
  3. Not true with covenant.
  4. Contracts are negotiated – Covenants are not negotiated.

 One-Sided Covenant

  1. Ezekiel 17:12-16 Babylon and Judah
  2. 2 Kings 24:11-17
  3. Greater power sets the terms – You agree or die
  4. No negotiation – no compromise – no mutual benefit

Two-sided Covenant (Both agree to pre-set terms)

  1. Even in 2-sided – One is greater, set the terms, the other agrees
  2. Malachi 2:13-16 – Marriage is a covenant
    NOTE: Marriage is a tri-lateral (3-sided covenant – God, man, woman)
    Matthew 19:6 – What God joined together
  3. 1 Samuel 18:3-4 – Jonathan and David

 God’s Imposition

  1. God is the GREAT I AM.
  2. Can you negotiate? Can you compromise?
  3. God says, “Here is what I will do.” PERIOD.
  4. Garden with Adam; Rainbow with Noah; Law with Moses
  5. Jeremiah 31:31-34 – I will do this. End of discussion.

 When God makes a Covenant He gives:

  1. Hope to the hopeless
  2. Help to the poor
  3. Healing to the sick
  4. Freedom to the captive
  5. Sight and hearing to the inflicted
  6. Comfort, Joy, Peace to those in affliction
  7. Salvation to the lost


God is Able to make and keep His covenants

  1. He is “El Shadi” – Almighty God
  2. He is the God that is MORE than enough.

 Our Choice – Accept God’s terms OR die eternal, spiritual death

  1. God has given us the NT.
  2. Do you accept OR die?

Bible is a Covenant