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Sermon Series The Family of God (emphasis on the church being a family)

TITLE: Children are Important

TEXT: Deuteronomy 6:1-9

PROPOSITION: Children are an important part of the church family.


KEY WORD: Instructions



  1. Series beginning today on the Family of God We are Family.
  2. Today the focus is on children What we owe them because they are important.
  3. Tonight What impact they have on us; what they can teach us
    1. Children are a blessing from God. Psalm 127:3
    2. We (adults) often treat children like they don't matter.
    3. Noisy, run in the halls, mess up the classrooms
    4. We don't want to be bothered with them.

E.       We must be bothered!


  1. In the home Drip method constant teaching walking, sitting, bedtime, breakfast, while watching TV
  2. Form in them a set of values what is important and why it is important
  3. Teach instruct our children in:
    Morals honesty, fair play, not to lie, cheat, steal
    Marriage love, relationships, parental duties, working together
    Doctrines Church, salvation, worship, prayer, false doctrines
    Faith how to grow it, how to apply it, when life is tough

We must lead by example. Deuteronomy 6:20-25

  1. Telling children is not enough teaching is done by example
  2. Children must see our faith in the Living God.
  3. They must see us pray, hear us read the Bible, see us attend, give and work
  4. They will not follow their teaching if we don't.

A Message AND Example.

  1. Use EVERY opportunity Sunday class, Wed. night, VBS, Bible Hour
  2. "Show and Tell" is a good motto.
  3. The early years are VERY important in their value and character development.

A Relationship

  1. Not all our children have a perfect home for role models.
  2. We must be a father, mother, brother, or sister to them. 1 Timothy 5:1-3

Diminishing Returns

  1. We can only pass on what we know.
  2. If we do not pass on ALL we know, less will be known be each succeeding generation.

The Future of the church

  1. Where will this church family be 20 or 30 yeas from now?
  2. Hard for us to imagine Haley married to a preacher. Logan an elder.
    Katie Prescott a teacher. Hunter a deacon. Michael working with youth.

Practical Application

  1. Stoop down on their eye level.
  2. You are 6' they are 2' (3 times as tall)
  3. Imagine if an 18' man walked up to you.
  4. Talk TO them not to their mother about them
  5. Show them you care about them as a person.

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