The Family of God

NOTE: The following sermons are a series on the various parts of the church. This series examines the importance and the impact of each age group. The last sermons put us all together to function as the family of God.

Children are Important – The church must instill faith in the young children.

Children have Impact on us – Children teach us many important lessons.

Teens are Important – Our teens deserve our understanding.

Teens have Impact – Teens have great power to influence others.

Adults are Important – The backbone of every church is its adults.

Adults Impact the community – Adults are in the prime of their service to God.

Seniors are Important – The older members serve the church is special ways.

Seniors have great Impact – They give us wisdom. We enjoy the fruit of their labor.

Putting us all together – All of us must work together to accomplish God’s will.

Fireside Chat – I will step out of the pulpit and have a "chat" with the church.