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Sermon Series The Family of God (emphasis on the church being a family)

TITLE: Fireside chat (10 of 10)

TEXT: Romans 12:9-16

PROPOSITION: As a family we should show love and concern for each other.


KEY WORD: Actions



  1. We have been though a series of lessons on the age groups in the family.
  2. All are important. All have a powerful impact on the rest of us.
  3. This morning we learned that we must work together.
  4. Tonight not a sermon AT you. A chat WITH you.

(Step down from pulpit area and stand in front of audience.)

  1. This church is a family a put-together family
    This presents us with some challenges and opportunities to grow
  2. We are from many places, but now here together
  3. Genuine love caring, compassion, sincere
    Not fake, pretend, kiss the face and stab the back
  4. We have a lot going for us hold on to what is good
    Youth Bears Panama PEP (visitation) support of TCH tapes
    Fellowship Flowers Benevolence Education World Bible School
  5. Genuine love = friendship, loyalty, support, sensitive
  6. Lift each other up Not feeling of being superior
    Not worried about who gets the credit
    Phil. 2:3-5 each esteem others better than himself

  7. Let's be:
    = faithful, give earnest care, diligent, pay attention
    Zealous = on fire, burning with zeal
    Servants who serve = a slave to others
    Future looking = share heaven together, share our hope
    Patient = we are not perfect yet
    Prayerful = others ask for our prayers DO IT

  8. If a member of this family:
    Hurts you
    find a way to bless them
    Is Happy rejoice with them
    Is in grief cry with them
  9. Learn to think alike = same mind, goals, dreams, and concerns
  10. Do not always insist on having your way your opinion rules?

(Read Romans 12:9-16)


Are you part of the family that's on its way home?

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