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Sermon Series The Family of God (emphasis on the church being a family)


TITLE: Teens Make an Impact (4 of 10)

TEXT: 1 Timothy 4:12-14

PROPOSITION: Teens have an impact on the family of God.


KEY WORD: Impacts



  1. Impact occurs within relationships.
  2. Here are four ways teens impact the family of God.


Teens Impact on Teens

  1. Peer pressure can be good
  2. Non-Christian friends encourage them to raise the standard
  3. Teens at Stahl High School Charleston, SC. "Take over the lunch room."
  4. Teens at Sikeston High School Christmas program accapela on religious songs


Teens Impact on Children

  1. Watch the teens see younger children hang on , play with
  2. They IDOLIZE you I want to be just like ____ when I am a teen.
  3. Don't just bursh them off don't bother me


Teens Impact on Adults

  1. Teens have the zeal, excitement, enthusiasm to serve
  2. They have the willingness, energy, passion to try new things.
  3. Mt Juliet most of the work from this congregation = teens
  4. To Adults Choice is yours Feed their fire OR douse their flames


Teens Impact on the Church

  1. Leaders of the future encourage them now to be preachers, elders, deacons
  2. Programs Youth, VBS, Classes, retreats, youth rallies, etc.
  3. Worship lead singing, pray, read, they are willing to help don't put them on the shelf to wait until later

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