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TITLE: Teens are Important (3 of 10)

TEXT: 2 Timothy 3:12-15

PROPOSITION: To understand teens see their world.


KEY WORD: Struggles



  1. To adults teens are immature, time to grow up
  2. To teens struggling with child and adult at same time
  3. Teens are a vital part of the Family of God.


We must:


Understand their world not try to put them into ours.

  1. Drugs USA Today poll showed high school teens:
    1. 63% drink beer once a week
    2. 47% use liquor weekly
    3. 25% use marijuana
    4. 9% use crack or cocaine
  2. Materialism
    1. Average college student owes $5000 in credit card debt
    2. Want now pay later = credit debt
  3. Peer pressure
    1. Pecking order some lead; others follow
    2. Desire to be accepted (popular) shoes, clothes
    3. Struggle to be your own self
  4. Immorality
    1. STD Aids, abortion, pregnancy
    2. Single teens 15 yr = 24%; 18 yr = 60%; 21 yr = 82%


Understand the pressure they deal with

  1. Parents dumb, stupid, amount to nothing
  2. Peers hard to be a Christian in their world
  3. Society expects them be adult, mature
  4. Internal good grades, college, select a career, get a job


Understand how they act

  1. Lead a beautiful prayer so mature 10 minutes later throwing football in the parking lot
  2. Yes not fully mature, many problems, great pressure
  3. Still a powerful influence on the rest of the family of God.
  4. Love them; Train them; Lead them; Teach them; Encourage them

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