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Sermon Series The Family of God (emphasis on the church being a family)

TITLE: Impact of Adults (6 of 10)

TEXT: Ephesians 6:1-3

PROPOSITION: Adults can impact the church for good or bad.





  1. Singles, married, with kids, single parents, empty nests
  2. Each unit of the church is important all make an impact
  3. All children and teens if they live will pass through this phase


In your Prime

  1. Each segment of the church family cannot fill the role of others.
  2. Adults cannot fill the role of children or teens.
  3. Adults are mature, healthy, have ability, knowledge, resources, wisdom



  1. USA is not like Walton's mountain several generations in same location
  2. Many of us are not from here
    1. Different areas of the country, different backgrounds
    2. Different religious training
    3. Different education, experiences
  3. Here we are all together now, at this location, a family


Role Models

  1. Adults are parting the curtain on the future of the church
  2. Faith, Knowledge, Morals, Dedication, Values
  3. Commitment, Desire, Zeal, Excitement for the Lord
  4. You are examples in your work, community service, leadership
  5. The next generation will BUILD ON your foundation


Prepare the Way for others to follow

  1. Your leadership, decisions = foundations for others to walk on
  2. You can only pass on what you know.
  3. Every class you teach, every service you attend, every thing you do and say about this church = FOUNDATION ON WHICH OTHERS WILL BUILD.

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