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Sermon Series The Family of God (emphasis on the church being a family)


TITLE: Importance of Seniors (7 of 10)

TEXT: Job 11:14-19

PROPOSITION: We can learn much from our senior members.





  1. In this church are many senior members. You decide when to start counting.
  2. We must not take them for granted or ignore their importance.
  3. Study with me 2 texts which teach the importance of our elderly.


Job 11:14-19 Zophar, friend of Job says:

  1. Put away sin 14
  2. Look to (trust in) God 15
  3. Forget misery 16
  4. Clear example 17
  5. Secure in hope 18
  6. Sleep without fear 19


Titus 2:2-7

  1. Aged men (2)
    1. Sober sound mind, self control, think straight
    2. Grave (not cemetery) serious, not all fun and games
    3. Temperate under control
    4. Sound in faith knowledge and convictions
    5. Charity love, care, concern for others
    6. Patience they have raised children
  2. Exhort the young men to: (6-7)
    1. Sober-minded
    2. Show a pattern of good works
    3. Doctrine = integrity
    4. Reverence
    5. Incorruptibility
  3. Aged women (3)
    1. Reverent in behavior upright living, godly
    2. No wine not a drunk
    3. Not slanderers gossip, feed rumor mill
    4. Teach to do good encourage young to do right
  4. Teach the young women to: (4-5)
    1. Love their husbands
    2. Love children
    3. Discreet
    4. Chaste
    5. Homemakers
    6. Good
    7. Obedient to husbands

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