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3 Parts of Bible Study

Understand the words

1.   KJV has hundreds of words no longer used

a.   Some have changed meaning

b.   Some have passed from current usage

2.   Most translations use “Spiritual” terms

a.   Adultery / Fornication

b.   Baptism / Repentance

c.   Church / Christian

d.   Believe / Faith

e.   Apostle / Disciple

3.   These are terms not used in common conversation

a.   Froward – turn away, backsliding, going you own way

b.   Concupiscence – evil desire

c.   Propitiation – paid in full, satisfied the debt

d.   Maranatha – Come quickly

e.   Unction – anointed

4.   Some terms are mixed up or mis-used

a.   Let = hinder, prevent

b.   Prevent = to enter ahead, to go ahead

Understand the meaning / message

1.   Who is speaking? To whom is it spoken? When was it spoken?

2.   What is the primary message?

3.   Why was it spoken? What dispensation / period of Bible history?

Apply the message to your life

1.   How does this passage apply to my life?

2.   Is there something I need to change / improve?

3.   Is there something I need to stop doing?

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