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Class Material.

B C Sermons.

Power Point.



Series of Sermons

Ho Hum Worship

Stewardship (3 lessons)

The Minor Prophets

Prayer of Jabez (6 sermons)

Gospel of Mark (100 sermons)

Family of God (10 sermons)

By this we know (5 sermons)

How to handle tough times (4 sermons from Job)

The Bible is from God (4 sermons)

Bible is Covenant (9 sermons)

10 Stupid Things We Do (18 sermons on the 10 Commandments)

Building a home (8 sermons)

Positive Christian Living (10 sermons)

FROG sermons (20+ sermons)

Powerful Prayer (13 sermons)

Moving Forward (5 sermons)

How to build a great church (6 sermons)

The Holy Spirit (12 sermons)

Sermon Outlines


SERMONS IN THE ARCHIVE - older lessons filed by title

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Previous Years - Previous


BC Sermons - Older outlines being converted from hand-written to computer and web. BC indicates outlines that I preached Before Computers (thus, BC)..


SERMON SERIES - Here is a link to the page that lists the sermons in series.


Sermon Outlines

I preach from simple (sometimes too simple) outlines. As with most preachers, my outlines come from ideas and thoughts from a variety of sources. I often take an idea from someone and adopt it to my style of preaching.


If you have any questions about these outline you may contact me
(Manly Luscombe) by email -

Please feel free to use these outlines,
or change and edit them to suit your
needs. The most recent outlines are on
the top of the current year listing.