Sermons about Frogs!

NOTE: Years ago I preached a sermon, "How to Kiss a Frog." Someone brought me a small frog in appreciation for the sermon. It grew from there. I now have over 550 frogs in my collection. As I got more frogs, I preached more "frog" sermons. Here are some photos of my frog collection.

My office - full of frogs! Behind the glass doors - more frogs.

And the other set of glass doors - even more. An original water color of a crystal frog.
How to Kiss a Frog Frog in the Cream
Frogger Frog Wings
Frog in a Pothole Tomato Frog
Frog Shoes How to Boil a Frog
Fine Art of Frog Kissing F R O G
Frog in a Pit 4-Eyed Frog
Frog in the Kettle Frog Legs for Breakfast
One More Night with the Frogs Time with the Frogs
Are Frog Legs Edible? Time is Fun
That Frog Feeling Frog on Post
I am Outstanding Centipedes and Frogs
How a Frog Swallows